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At Gumro and Associates, we create solutions for distribution problems with a personalized approach to individual businesses with a focus on quality customer service. We have many services ranging from Warehousing and Pool Distribution, to Just in Time delivery, to our proprietary customized freight tracking and data collection software called “ePAD” (Electronic Pool and Distribution). This software adds to our core competency within the retail market giving us the competitive edge in this niche industry. While our competition continues to put out a product that is over complicated with a minimal rate of return, Gumro focuses on keeping the idea simple, yet effective. Our software is not a product that was boxed and put to market. We custom tailor it to each customer individually, as no one business is the same. Gumro’s software is protected by a US Patent and our Accurate Scanning Technology application has been certified by Apple. We as a company continue to bring in fresh ideas and build them into our applications to provide our customers with the very best cost effective solution to their supply chain.


Operating out of more than 38 locations across the United States and Canada, G&A has the ability and network to deliver a full in house solution to any supply chain need. Creativity and excellence drives this team’s unparalleled success in the market providing safe and secure facilities, and state of the art software with quality customer service to ensure there is never a service failure of any kind.

Our Transportation & Pool Distribution Services Include:

Key Advantages of G&A Pool Distribution:

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Gumro & Associates is honored to be trusted with the freight by some of the country’s largest retailers and fortune 500 companies. Operating across North America in many industries G&A had to find a tool to redefine the industry standards, accuracy and control of the large volumes of freight. G&A shopped the market and found nothing that was adequate for the high set standards. In 2003 G&A deployed a huge undertaking to create a state of the art system unlike anything else the market has seen. The early versions of ePAD were released in 2003 as a part of our core operating software. Since conception, G&A has spent countless time with R&D, testing new modules, and building add-ons for numerous customers through the years. Today we are still making improvements but with the latest version being implemented throughout our network, we are proud to say we have come a long way.

ePAD capabilities include but are not limited to:

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Gumro & Associates offers our teams expertise as consulting services for shippers and carriers nationwide. With our combined experience of 50 years being asset and non asset based, co authoring transportation books and numerous magazine publications, we are a qualified source. We can analyze your company’s distribution process, offer our professional suggestions, and build custom solutions unique for each customer. Our solutions will minimize your company’s costs and complexities, while maximizing your efficiency and productivity.

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