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Every aspect of Gumro & Associates' proprietary software suite has been designed in house by our skilled development team and tested repeatedly for accuracy. Every setting and module can be custom tailored to meet every unique need for any customer. This is not a turnkey out of the box software; this is a custom tailored solution to provide full visibility for the supply chain.


Developed by Gumro and Associates, ePAD (Electronic Pool and Distribution) allows G&A to manage their pool network efficiently and effectively. This software application gives customers the ability to view exactly what is happening at all of G&A’s nationwide locations with respect to supply chain and management!

ePAD is a pool distribution software developed to provide accuracy, accountability, and visibility within the pool distribution network. ePAD’s ability to interact with the customers' WMS system within all EDI standards is only one of the features that makes this software easy to install and even easier to use.

Validating scanned information and removing any mis-directs is imperative. By capturing barcode information, ePAD can accurately account for and present what was shipped and received. ePAD’s functions inherently require that pool points report only accurate information. This also ensures that our customer is not being billed for accidental scans and maintains a high level of accountability at the store and pool level in regards to the data reported.

ePAD allows customers to access G&A’s secure website by logging on using a predetermined, multi-level access code. Our clients can view information regarding shipments, invoices, delivery reports, received trailer reports and even monitor remaining inventory in a given pool facility. Stores may also access the website to view information that pertains solely to their store. ePAD provides the versatility and visibility needed by our customers using EDI transmissions, (that report all inbound and outbound scanned data) to view and print reports directly from the web. ePAD also creates and e-mails Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN) to the store prior to delivery. This report allows the stores to prepare the sales floor for incoming shipments.

In order for the ePAD application to remain current and up-to-date, the program will continue to adapt to changes in business practices to meet the needs of both our existing customers as well as potential customers. ePAD is truly an ever-evolving program, growing to suit our customers’ needs, day by day.

By providing accurate information to our customers, they are better able to plan and develop strategies to build their distribution network, while saving valuable time and money. Having secure web based access to shipping information, reports, and summaries makes planning and organizing easier than ever. ePAD ensures that everyone in the pool distribution process is more accountable for their shipping and receiving practices, which helps to make sure freight is being delivered in a complete and timely manner. ePAD’s user friendly interface, paired with the experienced staff at Gumro & Associates, makes the pool distribution process more reliable and more dependable than ever before.


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