At Gumro & Associates, we strive for efficiency, accuracy, and dependability. Simply “meeting industry standards” has never been our goal. We never want to be known as being just “par.” We strive to stay ahead of the curve with fresh ideas and concepts for our software providing us the upper hand in this niche market. With more than 50 years of combined experience, we have cultivated contemporary ideas and advanced innovation to thrive in the logistics and transportation industry. We encourage new thought processes and creative thinking. We have employed some of the most talented and young professionals to feed this steadily growing industry with fresh products.
All of us at Gumro & Associates know that this is an industry of dependability and trust. In this business, we fully recognize that customer relationships need to be nurtured in order to be successful. This is paramount to the Gumro & Associates staff. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built with our customers and work continually to keep them healthy and strong. Quite simply, our mission at Gumro & Associates is to provide excellent service at highly competitive rates, while adapting our services and solutions to meet our customer's unique needs. Customer satisfaction and trust is our highest priority.


The driving concept behind this company was to provide a new approach and change the way pool distribution was looked at. With 30 plus years in the industry, we have compiled our knowledge with a vision to create a company and software tailored to each customer individually. The end result was the ePAD (electronic pool and distribution) software suite. A cutting edge technology that was affordable with unparalleled functionality and a fully customizable back end so it can be tailored to each customer individually. The software evolution in this industry has been greatly increasing, but being the innovators that Gumro & Associates are they have successfully stayed ahead of the curve and its competition. At Gumro & Associates we have focused on being clock builders and not just time tellers. We create long term solutions not promoting software we purchased by a third party. Sticking to our roots and not packaging the software for the open market has allowed Gumro to have a steady competitive advantage against the market monsters that mass produce software with a great cost to the end user, their very own customers.
Gumro & Associates is headquartered in Rochester, MI where we were originally founded. Gumro strongly supports many organizations and small businesses owned by veterans, women or other minority programs. Gumro feels that working with a diverse community has given us a greater presence among the community and companies we work with giving all an equal opportunity. We have numerous National and International based pools servicing everything from the Retail Industry, Heavy Haul, Automotive and Agricultural. We support Veterans and Minority Owned Business

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